The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) is a Higher Education Institution of state services subordinate to the Minister of Internal Affairs, with tradition reaching the beginning of 20th century. It educates the firefighters of the State Fire Service, officers of other services and guards, subordinate to the Minister of the Internal Affairs. SGSP also trains experts in the field of civil safety engineering, Health and Safety at work, Internal Security.

At the same time SGSP also enjoys the status of organizational unit of the State Fire Service operating on the basis of the Act on the State Fire Service of 24 August 1991.
According to the Act on the State Fire Service, the School provides cadet officers with the opportunity to serve as trainees in the School Rescue and Firefighting Unit.

The School’s mission is to train the most highly qualified staff in the following areas: natural disasters and social threats assessment, as well as life, health, property, and other values protection against those hazards. SGSP also aims at focusing on patriotic values, dedication to public service and respect for discipline in work and duties.

SGSP’s scientific and academic activity is carried out at two faculties: the Faculty of Fire Safety Engineering and Faculty of Civil Safety Engineering. SGSP graduates receive the title of the Safety Engineer in fire safety and civil safety. SGSP is a partner in many international and national projects, and a member of international organizations, i.e. EFSCA, NFP, and CTIF.

Full time studies as well as extramural studies have the same curriculum compliant with the safety engineering academic standards approved by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Moreover, those wishing to advance their professional knowledge can take the postgraduate studies and specialized courses. Educational process is carried out by a highly qualified scientific staff with degrees and titles in technical sciences, and many other disciplines, as well as by specialized command and educational staff.

Students have the opportunity to take part in international placements and trainings in Fire Departments around the world, e.g. Germany, USA, Estonia, Sweden, as well as in placement and study mobilities within Erasmus Programme.

SGSP graduate’s attractiveness on the job market is further increased by his or her excellent foreign language abilities. The interdisciplinary nature of the School, together with a well adapted foreign languages curriculum, allows our students to gain expertise in specialist vocabulary during compulsory or optional language courses.

The School possesses a modern educational base, equipped with the latest research and scientific apparatus, computer hardware and audiovisual tools, which in many cases are unique on a national scale. The School is also proud to offer a container-based smoke chamber for training purposes, modern study rooms and specialist laboratories.

Students can develop their interests and skills in the scientific circles active at the School. Of great interest is the SGSP’s library, which is eagerly visited by students and teachers alike. The Main Library gathers a huge collection of titles connected with and related to fire safety, rescue, civil protection and civil defence, as well as emergency, disaster and crisis management. Moreover, the library also offers books and magazines on ecology, organization and management, technical sciences, psychology, sociology as well as language dictionaries, lexicons and general purpose encyclopedias.

SGSP pays great attention to the physical condition of its students, giving them the opportunity to take part in sport sections (e.g. soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and sports/games connected with the fire service) which are very popular among the students. The School’s sports teams rank high in the cyclically organized sports competitions in Poland and abroad.

Since November 2005 “Academic Choir” has been also active at the Main School of Fire Service.

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