The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) delivers a personal, professional and protective policing service to all and we work with communities and partners to make Northern Ireland safe, confident and peaceful.

The PSNI has guiding principles to help achieve our aim to be the finest, personal, professional and protective police service in the world.

  • Personal, impartial and accountable police officers and staff, present and influential in the heart of all communities, in the right numbers to make a difference.
  • Responsible, flexible, 24/7 service; tailor made to the unique needs of the person or place, with a reputation for promise keeping and professionalism.
  • Resources and time focussed upon genuine operational delivery. Ensuring we have the right people in the right place to prevent harm, protect from danger and inspire confidence.
  • Challenging the status quo, keeping red tape to a minimum, always at the forefront of value for money and effective practise.
  • Partnership at the heart of our outlook and actions, sharing expertise, information and responsibility. Open and transparent in line with overriding Human Rights or legal obligations.

We have designed some clear policing commitments. They are a set of promises based on simple principles of good policing. They put communities and victims first. They build on what we already do at our best and what we’re determined to do more consistently.

We are here to serve every individual, every family and every community – irrespective of religion, politics, cultural identity, age, gender or sexual orientation.

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