Great success on DESTRIERO Dissemination Day

The recent DESTRIERO Dissemination Day proved to be a most successful event and was well received by the delegates for both DESTRIERO and the supporting project, S-HELP, at the venue and premises of Future Analytics Consulting. From the outset, the event was designed based on a recognized need tocbridge the knowledge gap between the scientific security research community and the first responders with their allied crisis and emergency response stakeholders. The event helped to obtain valued insight, assessment and feedback from the delegates in respect to the aims and results of the DESTRIERO project. Moreover, it also strengthened the engagement with interested parties beyond the life of the project on the DESTRIERO platform.

Further details on the event can be obtained on LinkedIn. To get a sense of the reaction to the DESTRIERO platform and the event itself, have a listen to the interview with Mr. Finian Joyce (Chief Fire Officer in Leitrim County Council Secretary at FEU (Federation of European Union of Fire Officer Associations) here and separately with Ms. Joan McCaffrey, Emergency Planning Co-ordinator (Western Area, Northern Ireland) here.

The presentation is available on the publication page.