DESTRIERO demo event held in Spain

demo 1After more than 6000 cups of coffee, the prototype of the DESTRIERO platform is finally ready!
And it was launched on June 9th in a great event, hosted by Thales Programas in his premises in Getafe, a small town near Madrid (Spain).


The Demonstration room made available for the event is equipped with an awesome screen, 440 cm wide, decorated with the DESTRIERO logo. Around 30 seats and two rows for 10 computers operators. Eighteen External End Users has attended the demonstration event.

After the introduction from Elena Francioni (e-geos) our Project Coordinator, the event was made up of three parts, each one preceded by a presentation from DESTRIERO partners.

Part 1: Scenario introduction and needs from the users, presented by PSNI Chief Inspector Lex McCoubrey
Part 2: DESTRIERO platform, main concept and technical features presented Marcello Cinque from CINI. Marcello Cinque emphasized the core of the platform, its network where all information is gathered and shared among the users, and the technical components that make this possible: 10 adapters, 30 web phases interfaces, more than 100000 code lines



Part 3: detailed description of the demonstration phases and of roles of participants. Gonzalo Aréchaga from Thales Programas, our master of ceremonies has leaded the orchestra of end users through the different phase of the demonstration scenario

  • Phase I: Initial Situational Awareness
  • Phase II: Damage Assessment
  • Phase III: Impact Analysis and Decision Support


In the backstage room the technical team followed the back end of the system analysing logs and, when needed by the scenario, uploading data and information. Everything went according to plan, the DEMO was a great success

During the demonstration several questions have been asked and at the end of the demo, participants were asked to fill a questionnaire. All the questions and feedbacks have been collected by the DESTRIERO team and will be used as inputs to improve the platform.