A great conference for a great location, the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM) organized the ISCRAM2015 conference (May 24-27 2015, Kristiansand, Norway) with the aim to create a vibrant and friendly atmosphere to share knowledge and experiences, help drive good practices, exchange novel insights, and build capacity in Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management basing all on the “Getting ready for the unexpected!” slogan. An interesting scientific program with paper presentations, posters, demos and workshops, social events and exhibitions offered the opportunity to discuss ideas, foster partnerships and strengthen professional and personal networks.


ISCRAM 2015 DESTRIERO Short Paper Presentation kick-off

A prolific territory in which the DESTRIERO FP7 EU funded project found its way to disseminate the most recent results through a short paper presentation on architectural design to boost information sharing in IT system during the reconstruction and recovery phase. The DESTRIERO consortium, through Mr. Mario Fiorentino from CINI (Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica), an Italian research centre partner of the DESTRIERO consortium, presented the paper called “A collaboration platform for data sharing among heterogeneous relief organizations for disaster management”.

The presentation was held on Tuesday, 26 May during the T-01&10-3-Short Collaboration and Network Theory / Decision Support Systems track. It was focused on the following hot-topics: (1) the necessity of an ICT supporting platform at operational level able to realize data sharing among heterogeneous organizations, (2) a proposal of a layered architecture, (3) a preliminary implementation of such a DESTRIERO middleware solution for messaging, data and knowledge management. The short paper pointed out also future works to be conducted within the project activities such as the complete implementation of the platform, the investigation on possible reliability and security issues and the evaluation of the DESTRIERO platform usability and effectiveness within the context of a large-scale disaster. You can downoload the complete paper here or in the pubblications sections on our website.

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Sharing knowledge and experiences with first responders, relief organizations and entities involved during the crisis management is the only way we have to cooperate and coordinate efficiently during these phases. The ISCRAM 2015 conference was a great opportunity to meet expert people in the field of the crisis management and to take benefits from them. It was an honour for DESTRIERO to have the possibility of disseminating project results with all these domain experts. Thanks ISCRAM for all of this and see you next year!

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