What happened at the conference “European Security Research – The Next Wave”?

The ‘European Security Research – The Next Wave’ conference event was recently held (4th-6th November 2015) in Dublin, Ireland with a primary aim to encourage greater engagement of experts from the European community involved in security emergency and crisis management. The event brought together over 150 experts from different backgrounds and experiences for knowledge exchange and highly interactive engagement over the 3 day event. The shared common aim was to learn from each other and obtain a more in-depth understanding of important European security related issues. Attending the event were experts from the field of emergency and crisis management first responders, standardisation, policy making, cyber security and from the European scientific and research community.

800 Tom Flynn (session three)

Tom Flynn (SAADIAN) the chairperson of the event

DESTRIERO was well represented by our project coordinator Elena Francioni (e-geos) and  Mario Fiorentino (CINI), who presented the project on the opening day of the event.

Day 1 presented the main conference. It addressed four challenging themes on

  • Strengthening Crisis and Emergency Management Response
  • Future Crisis Management Standardisation
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data

The event included a tremendous line up of talented speakers from the European Commission, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Grant Thornton, Waterford Institute of Technology, TNO and the University of Stuttgart amongst others. It featured high-level plenary debates for each theme as well as breakout sessions for network interactions and follow up discussions.

800 Mario Fiorentino 3

Mario Fiorentino from CINI presenting DESTRIERO

800 Audience 4

Łukasz Szklarski from ITTI, partner of DESTRIERO

Exhibitions also took place throughout the whole conference.

The Theatre sessions concluded on Day 3 with Zoltán Székely, senior police officer, assistant lecturer at the Hungarian National University of Public Service and collaborator of DESTRIERO as end user, giving an excellent presentation on the “End-User role for Law Enforcement Agencies – on the Hungarian National Police” and this concluding session gathered much interest.

800 Zoltan Skekely 2b

Zoltán Székely, senior police officer, assistant lecturer at the Hungarian National University of Public Service


More information and documents on http://www.esrdublin2015.eu/

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